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State Grid issued the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Development 2019 Electricity Action Plan
Issue 44 (12.6) of 2019
· The Seventh Chairman's Meeting of the Fifth China Electrical Appliances Industry Association
· The development of the Internet of Vehicles plan is expected to accelerate the development of the industry
The 2018 China (Xiongan) Wire and Cable Industry Development Summit was successfully held
· 2018 Copper Industry Review
Development trend of recycled non-ferrous metal industry in 2019
· Strengthen the level of quality brand and accelerate the realization of the machinery industry from big to strong
· Russian cable companies cooperate with European companies to enter the heating cable market
Copper prices hit a three and a half month low on Wednesday
· People's Electric Group focuses on Jiangxi's investment in new energy development

Audio Issue 45

Electrical and Electronics Industry Industry Alliance
Huainan City Anti-Telecommunications Network Fraud Charity Alliance Established
Nuclear Power Technology Service Industry Alliance Inaugural Conference Held in Shanghai
Beijing Future Science City Power Big Data Collaborative Innovation Alliance Established
Chongqing Smart Energy Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance unveiled
Chengde Elevator Industry Association was formally established
Baise Aluminum Association successfully hosted the association unveiled
Europe's second battery industry alliance established
Yellowstone E-commerce Industry Alliance Lists in Huangshi Optics Valley joins 17 brands to establish industrial product brand alliance
Telecommunications 5G Industry Innovation Alliance Board Established
China Integrated Circuit Venture Capital Service Alliance was formally established
Jiangsu Telecommunications and Internet Industry Data Security Alliance Established
Yangtze River Delta (Zhejiang) Hydrogen Industry Technology Alliance was established
Major technological equipment R & D innovation and first demonstration application alliance established
Shanxi Semiconductor Industry Alliance was established in Changzhi
E-commerce album
Australia 4Cabling acquires lighting e-commerce
Cross-border e-commerce has become a hot word
Chongqing Taishan Cable Company launches e-commerce and international business
Changzhou Electronic Commerce Association was established
Ministry of Commerce will formulate e-commerce marketing operation specifications
Beijing Electronic Chamber of Commerce Establishes Intellectual Property Protection Service Workstation
The development trend of e-commerce in China
International e-commerce development trends
Hebei Province Focuses on Cultivating 7.4 Million Home Appliances Vendors to Invest 7.4 Million in "Online Air Force "
Doing e-commerce is very hard, don't think about making money in the first three years
Digital industry

There are probably submarine cable dealers worldwide
Summary of output of non-ferrous metal products from January to May 2015
Statistics of domestic power grids under construction
Analysis of supply and demand statistics of the international oil market in 2015
Data Analysis of State Grid Corporation's Notification of Cable Failure
Google plans to transform into its new data center
47 transmission line accidents in Suzhou in 2013 cost 18 million
What is Purchasing Manager Index PMI
Production Statistics of Some Home Appliances from January to November 2012
Summary Table of Output of Nonferrous Metal Products from January to October 2011

World's first floating nuclear power plant obtains first 10-year operating license
Short-circuit of power supply system of deep sea submarine causes fire of Russian "7.1" submarine
Furukawa Electric's first fiber optic cable plant in Africa starts production in Morocco
How can Switzerland encourage robot innovation ?
Chile subway system to use renewable energy from 2018
Hitachi Wire (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. puts into operation
Apple purchases new R & D building for electric vehicle project
Japan's Sumitomo Electric reported on March 25 that
U.S. government agencies will restrict data center construction
Insufficient power supplies Peninsula residents restrict use of energy-intensive appliances
U.S. cable company TPC acquires EWC
Apple builds photovoltaic power plant in Inner Mongolia
Nidec Corporation announces equipment investment plan for this year
Both poor and rich countries in Africa are interested in solar energy
Finland's largest power distribution company spends 360 million to deploy underground cable system
Tanaka Holdings launches precious metals marketing
Comcast acquires USJ

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Baosheng Culture
Far Eastern University

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Business bankruptcy Bankruptcy trial revives zombie business
Environmental pollution Dismissal of lack of evidence for charging pile electromagnetic pollution complaint
Intellectual property Dispute over patent infringement of lightning protection insulator

Silicon Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. infringes on trade secrets

Cable factory trademark dispute
Lack of integrity Explosion-proof electrical manufacturers sued for lack of integrity
Trademark use Administrative Penalty Decision of PHILIPS Trademark for Electric Cleaner
Cross-class use of trademarks should avoid prior legal rights
TESLA, Tesla trademark case
Win the bid Project cases reviewed by the low-priced method

"Zhongce" trademark dispute review administrative dispute case

Electricity dispute First Judgment of Electricity Dispute in Distributed PV Roof
Quality complaints How to punish these unqualified cables
Serious losses caused by sales of counterfeit box-type substations
Different courts determine corporate compensation
Contract of sale Commitment "missing one, supplementing three" is not long enough

The price stipulated in the purchase and sale contract of non-compliant wire and cable

Cable theft Discussion on the Determination of Loss Price in Cable Theft Cases
What is the crime of stealing a large number of communication cables?
Investigation and analysis of criminal cases of stealing communication cables
Customs tax A cable company set up two sets of accounts to check the tax payment
Zhejiang First PV Enterprise sues EU to European court of first instance
Bribery One more sentenced for "problem cable" incident
State Grid Corporation Bureau level investigator Mei Mou was sentenced to bribes
Beikai Sales Department Bribes to State Grid Material Company
Bringing bribes to subway companies for one million bribes
testing facility Analysis on the authenticity of false detection reports of Suzhou Academy of Electric Power
patent application Patent dispute over shielded insulated cable conductive tube bus
The beginning and end of the patent right of the metal shielding composite tape manufacturer
Inferior cable Huge compensation for electric shock death of damaged cable sheath pet
Different legal interpretations of a batch of inferior cable handling
Selected Cases of Anti-counterfeiting in Hunan Province
Honor infringement The court ruled that "Shenzhen Zulixi" was renamed and compensated 150,000 yuan for Delixi
Cases of aluminum replacement copper Court jurisprudence draws red line for transformers replacing aluminum with copper

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Cable raw material cost calculation

China Electrical Equipment Industry Information Center
Contact address: 46 Sanlihe, Beijing
China Machinery Industry Federation

Policies and regulations [ More...]

National Development and Reform Commission news, this year has actively promoted the abolition of provincial border toll stations

(December 11) [ 5 ]

Information released on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology interviewed Jiangsu Zhihang New Energy Co., Ltd.

(December 10) [ 5 ]

Full refund of VAT for domestic equipment purchased by R & D institutions

(December 9) [ 6 ]

Ministry of Science and Technology talks about the construction of the country's "agricultural high-tech zone": one district and one theme, gathering global resources

(December 8) [ 9 ]

National Energy Administration holds 2019 training class for poverty alleviation cadres

(December 7) [ 9 ]

The total number of "three-year action plan to win the defense of the blue sky" will reach about 17 million households

(December 6) [ 13 ]

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the combination of artificial intelligence with protection and improvement of people's livelihood

(December 5) [ 18 ]

The central government regulates the three ministries and commissions to promote the transition of photovoltaics to the main energy of the market

(November 30) [ 33 ]

The direction of the “14th Five-Year Plan” of Industrial and New Materials is clear

(November 27) [ 38 ]
Industry News [ More...]

The cable into the ground is an indispensable part of the transformation of old towns and towns.

(December 11) [ 6 ]

Dongguan Songshan Lake Smart Energy Experience Center “Entering the Power Grid” Series of Activities Held

(December 11) [ 6 ]

220 kV Tiexiong Substation No. 1 Main Transformer goes into live operation

(December 11) [ 6 ]

Yunnan Energy Regulatory Office organizes Yunnan Province to implement "two rules"

(December 11) [ 6 ]

The 17 traditional manufacturing industries in Wenzhou increased by 7.8%

(December 10) [ 6 ]

State Grid Fuzhou Power Supply Co., Ltd. launches publicity campaign on "Fuzhizhou Power First"

(December 10) [ 6 ]

Shaanxi Power Grid's power delivery scale has reached 11.71 million kilowatts

(December 10) [ 6 ]

Photovoltaic manufacturing endurance growth

(December 10) [ 6 ]

Digital economy-related plans have been issued in 28 provinces and cities nationwide

(December 9) [ 6 ]
conference [ More...]

Annual Meeting of Energy Research Association 2019- Energy Storage Sub-forum Successfully Held in Beijing

(December 11) [ 3 ]

Chongqing (Yuzhong) Human Resources Summit Held on December 10

(December 10) [ 3 ]

Jiulongpo District's focus on key projects in the second half of 2019

(December 9) [ 4 ]

`` 2019 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Annual Conference and 2020 Metal Price Forecasting Press Conference ''

(December 7) [ 5 ]

Twenty-fourth Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th Municipal People's Congress

(December 6) [ 7 ]

2019 Chinese Enterprises Overseas Image Summit Forum Held in Beijing

(December 5) [ 7 ]

CEC Held 2019 Power Innovation Achievement Exchange Conference in Beijing

(December 4) [ 10 ]

2019 Yangtze River Delta Cooperation and Development Joint Conference Energy Focus Group Symposium Held

(December 3) [ 10 ]

The 4th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Power Enterprise Summit was held in Zhongwei, Ningxia

(December 2) [ 9 ]
Bidding [ More...]

Hunan Provincial Government issued "Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Sustainable and Healthy Development of the Construction Industry"

(December 11) [ 3 ]

Procurement Project for 15M Primary Energy Storage Tanks of Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

(December 10) [ 6 ]

Yunnan implements the government procurement professional staff system

(December 9) [ 7 ]

Purchasing agency of the National Bureau of Statistics

(December 6) [ 11 ]

Jiangsu Huaiyin's three financial measures to create sunny procurement

(December 4) [ 13 ]

Gushi County New Energy Public Transport Company is expected to purchase 76 new energy buses

(December 3) [ 13 ]

Public bidding turns to competitive negotiations, need to republish announcement

(December 2) [ 17 ]

Guangxi publicly solicits comments on shortlisted online supermarket suppliers

(November 29) [ 19 ]

Russia's digital development of submarine and terrestrial fiber network tenders has begun

(November 28) [ 17 ]
Cable investment [ More...]

UHV DC Power Transmission and Reception Cooperation Agreement Signed

(December 11) [ 3 ]

Shekou releases investment invitation announcement

(December 10) [ 3 ]

The monthly meeting of Anyang City's investment promotion work was held in the Municipal Party and Government Building

(December 9) [ 3 ]

E-commerce capacity building (CBET) seminar held in Beijing

(December 8) [ 3 ]

12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, Hainan Province and Zhanjiang City of Guangdong Province signed framework agreement in Chongqing

(December 7) [ 5 ]

Wuhou District Electronic Commerce Association was established

(December 6) [ 4 ]

Langfang Linkong Economic Zone goes to Germany for precise investment

(December 5) [ 5 ]

China Merchants · Xinyungu Park Opening and Signing Ceremony of the First Batch of Projects Held

(December 4) [ 6 ]

Handan City Key Industry Promotion Conference and Cooperation Project Centralized Signing Ceremony Held

(December 3) [ 6 ]
Trade opportunity [ More...]

Luohe negotiates cooperation with Deng Yaping Sports Industry Investment Fund

(December 11) [ 3 ]

China-Malaysia International Trade Exchange Promotion Conference and Cross-Border Economic and Trade Fair Held

(December 10) [ 4 ]

APEC cross-border e-commerce capacity building (CBET) seminar held in Beijing

(December 9) [ 5 ]

The Fifth Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Conference was successfully held in Jinhua, Zhejiang

(December 8) [ 5 ]

Langfang Linkong Economic Zone goes to Germany for precise investment

(December 6) [ 6 ]

In the field of China-Africa energy cooperation, electric power cooperation has always been the "top priority"

(December 5) [ 6 ]

Nepal is a friendly neighbor of China

(December 4) [ 9 ]

2019 China-ASEAN Expo Vietnam Electromechanical Exhibition

(December 3) [ 8 ]

China-Korea Cross-Border Import Commodities Fair Held in Nanjing

(December 2) [ 9 ]
Selected translations [ More...]

"One Africa" broadband network connects up to 70,000 kilometers

(December 11) [ 3 ]

The growing power gap in African countries in recent years has become increasingly prominent

(December 9) [ 3 ]

Japan plans to invest 6 trillion yen to strengthen related infrastructure

(December 7) [ 4 ]

Japanese survey company predicts global market for pure electric vehicles by 2035

(December 4) [ 6 ]

Nearly 9 million jobs in the UK could be replaced by robots by 2030

(December 3) [ 6 ]

28th is U.S. Thanksgiving, but suddenly encountered a large-scale power outage

(December 1) [ 9 ]

Trump signs 'maintaining U.S. leadership in the age of artificial intelligence'

(November 29) [ 9 ]

South African government recently released multi-GW development plan for photovoltaic and wind power in 2030

(November 28) [ 10 ]

More than 80 U.S. industry associations announced the formation of the Trade American Alliance

(November 27) [ 11 ]
Market analysis [ More...]

Malaysia recently announced 500 MW solar tender

(December 11) [ 5 ]

Recent global manufacturing related indicators have improved

(December 9) [ 6 ]

The UK is currently the world's largest offshore wind market

(December 8) [ 7 ]

New energy vehicles have been very hot in recent years

(December 6) [ 8 ]

Chinese products sell well in the Philippines

(December 5) [ 14 ]

Global annual emissions reductions of 2.7% over the next 10 years

(December 4) [ 13 ]

Clean heating becomes the newest way of life in rural North

(December 3) [ 13 ]

The domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturing market will reach 100 billion yuan in the next 2 years

(December 2) [ 14 ]

The world will have millions of autonomous vehicles connected to the network

(December 1) [ 15 ]
Industry Research [ More...]

Research on electric energy technical planning of electric vehicle centralized charging pile

(December 11) [ 3 ]

Summary of statistical data of the electronic control and distribution industry in 2018

(December 10) [ 3 ]

China's non-ferrous metal industry system

(December 9) [ 3 ]

The current development status and trends of China's robot industry

(December 6) [ 5 ]

Research on the Development Trend of Ethylene Industry at Home and Abroad

(December 5) [ 6 ]

The diversified path of modern energy economy in Inner Mongolia

(December 4) [ 7 ]

Research progress of flame retardant polyvinyl chloride and its application in engineering

(December 3) [ 7 ]

Comparison of fire safety standards for Japanese and European rail vehicles

(December 2) [ 7 ]

Development status of petrochemical industry in Guangdong Province

(November 29) [ 9 ]
Market report [ More...]

Research on Innovation of Marketing Model of Modern Enterprise

(December 11) [ 5 ]

Lhasa city photovoltaic charging road

(December 10) [ 5 ]

Development Status and Trends of Large Submarine Ship Technology

(December 9) [ 5 ]

Research on the Development Trend of Ethylene Industry at Home and Abroad

(December 6) [ 7 ]

Development Status and Trends of Large Submarine Ship Technology

(December 5) [ 11 ]

Renewable Energy Technology Market

(December 4) [ 10 ]

Analysis of New Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Technology and Application

(December 3) [ 9 ]

Application of photovoltaic power generation system in islands

(December 2) [ 9 ]

Domestic rare earth rubber market

(November 29) [ 11 ]
Transfer of property rights [ More...]

Jinbei Electric Releases Revised Draft Reorganization Plan

(December 5) [ 7 ]

Hongfa Automotive Electronics signs "Acquisition Framework Agreement" with Hella Holdings and Hella Electric

(December 2) [ 9 ]

Minfa Aluminum Announcement

(November 29) [ 7 ]

Guodian Xuanwei Power Generation Co., Ltd. filed for bankruptcy and liquidation

(November 18) [ 18 ]

Bankruptcy Document of Sihui Jinpeng Copper Co., Ltd.

(November 15) [ 18 ]

Hengtong Optoelectronics signed an asset purchase agreement with Huawei Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

(November 14) [ 41 ]

Aikang Technology plans to acquire Ningbo Jiangbei Yize New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. for 1.78 billion

(November 5) [ 27 ]

Central Enterprise Mixed Reform Project Special Promotion Presentation Meeting of Central Enterprise Mixed Ownership Reform Project

(October 21) [ 43 ]

Tencent and want to privatize e-commerce e-commerce

(September 24) [ 62 ]
Big data for electricians [ More...]

For the whole of 2018, China's new energy vehicle sales reached 1.256 million

(December 11) [ 4 ]

Nearly 3 million new energy vehicles in China

(December 10) [ 5 ]

China Tower Tower shares 1.9 billion square meters

(December 9) [ 5 ]

Since 2017, Hebei South Network has ushered in the rapid development of new energy

(December 6) [ 9 ]

Southern Hebei Power Grid includes 29 wind farms with a capacity of 2.642 million kilowatts

(December 5) [ 11 ]

The top five provinces in the country's annual cumulative output of copper

(December 4) [ 7 ]

The three major operators have more than 10 million 5G subscription users across the country

(December 3) [ 13 ]

Intelligence and robots are absolute high-frequency hot words for 2019

(December 3) [ 13 ]

Fujian Foreign Trade Building has a total building height of 173.95 meters

(December 2) [ 12 ]
Technical Papers [ More...]

Accurate measurement of twist resistance of stranded conductors in wind energy cables

(December 11) [ 3 ]

Application of Perovskite Solar Cells in Household Photovoltaic Power Generation System

(December 10) [ 3 ]

Condition-based maintenance method for mining cables based on information fusion

(December 9) [ 3 ]

Design of multi-core cable automatic stripping equipment

(December 6) [ 5 ]

Application of Perovskite Solar Cells in Household Photovoltaic Power Generation System

(December 5) [ 5 ]

Discussion on Quantitative Test Method for Wire and Cable Flexibility

(December 4) [ 7 ]

Application of cable laying technology in power engineering

(December 3) [ 7 ]

Research on 3D Design of Urban Underground Cable

(December 2) [ 7 ]

North American UL standards for wires and cables

(November 29) [ 8 ]
Smart Electric [ More...]

Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the combination of artificial intelligence with protection and improvement of people's livelihood

(December 10) [ 5 ]

The Drum Tower District held a smart industry development conference with the theme of "Hui Ju Drum Tower, Leading the Future"

(December 9) [ 6 ]

Intelligent technology is quietly emerging in Gansu

(December 7) [ 9 ]

October 30-31, 2019 2019 China Agricultural Robot Competition

(December 6) [ 5 ]

Agricultural robot contest held during China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

(December 5) [ 12 ]

Integrate power grid diagnosis, treatment, and health care functions

(December 4) [ 13 ]

Heavy-duty modular connector is a typical rugged industrial strength connector

(December 2) [ 8 ]

Shandong Electrician won the first prize of standard contribution of China Electrical Engineering Society

(November 29) [ 16 ]

The 6th Urumqi Power Supply Company ubiquitous electric power IoT salon event was held as scheduled

(November 28) [ 18 ]
Technological innovation [ More...]

BMW Group recently demonstrated new battery competence center in Munich, Germany

(December 11) [ 4 ]

Ministry of Science and Technology talks about the construction of the country's "agricultural high-tech zone": one district and one theme, gathering global resources

(December 9) [ 5 ]

Spin-orbit coupled Mott insulators start research and make new progress

(December 4) [ 11 ]

The rapid development of China's processing and manufacturing industry continues to strengthen the application of machine vision technology

(December 3) [ 13 ]

Cable fault double-end positioning system reduces fault locating time from hours to "minutes"

(December 2) [ 11 ]

Anhui Promotes National Intelligent Voice Innovation Center

(November 30) [ 12 ]

Construction of a new generation of controllable nuclear fusion research device "China Circulator II M"

(November 29) [ 13 ]

State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company introduces new nano-level high-resistivity liquid new technology

(November 27) [ 12 ]

Charges for 200 minutes and 200 miles

(November 24) [ 25 ]
"Good article recommendation" [ More...]

British bomber sleeps on the seabed in 76 years

(December 11) [ 3 ]

"Get electricity" indicator

(December 7) [ 5 ]

In 1904, the number of electric vehicle manufacturers in the United States reached 67.

(December 6) [ 5 ]

U disk was originally created by the Chinese

(November 30) [ 9 ]

What materials will help build green and healthy buildings in 128 different forms?

(November 29) [ 9 ]

The "Invisible Warrior" of the 70th anniversary of Daqing

(November 27) [ 13 ]

The "stealth suit" of the tank

(November 24) [ 17 ]

70 Years of National Day Military Parade's "Invisible Warrior"

(November 22) [ 16 ]

How will blockchain change our lives?

(November 21) [ 39 ]
infrastructure [ More...]

2019 Forest City Construction Symposium Held in Xinyang, Henan

(December 10) [ 3 ]

Jiulongpo District starts construction of key projects in the second half of 2019

(December 8) [ 4 ]

Xinzhou City Held Special Project Dispatch Meeting of Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project Construction Project

(December 7) [ 5 ]

Shenzhen's first infrastructure investment fund successfully landed

(December 5) [ 6 ]

A total of 39 cities in mainland China have opened urban rail transit

(November 28) [ 9 ]

Dali Prefecture, Yunnan Promotes 13 Key PPP Projects

(November 26) [ 14 ]

Lu'anjing Railway is included in the national "14th Five-Year Plan" railway network plan

(November 25) [ 14 ]

Yubei District newly signed 89 projects including Zhongguancun Information Valley Collaborative Innovation Center this year

(November 22) [ 31 ]

Nanchang released plans to add 16,300 charging posts

(November 19) [ 21 ]
Social highlights [ More...]

The court ruled that "Shenzhen Zulixi" was renamed and compensated 150,000 yuan for Delixi

(December 9) [ 4 ]

Notre Dame fire: human negligence, short circuit

(December 5) [ 7 ]

National Legal Awareness Day on December 4

(December 4) [ 8 ]

Shenyang Intermediate People's Court Publicly Sentences Former Director of National Energy Administration Noor Bakery for Bribery

(December 3) [ 12 ]

Lu'an City launches orange warning of severe pollution

(December 2) [ 8 ]

Cable procurement bribery Energy Group's former deputy inspector in Guangxi Hydropower Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. sued

(November 29) [ 9 ]

A total of 1.38 billion yuan in private small vaults for 6 projects under the State Grid

(November 28) [ 10 ]

A court ruling detonated the entire new energy vehicle company

(November 21) [ 17 ]

New "weakest" rules for WeChat are officially confirmed

(November 16) [ 25 ]
Material market [ More...]

Global aluminum production will continue to grow

(December 11) [ 5 ]

In the next few years, global aluminum production will continue to grow

(December 9) [ 6 ]

Lead prices continue to fall

(November 22) [ 25 ]

Since the beginning of this year, the price of butadiene rubber has been mainly downgraded.

(November 11) [ 43 ]

Non-ferrous metal prices fluctuated slightly last week

(November 7) [ 57 ]

Butadiene rubber market continues to rally

(November 1) [ 50 ]

Codelco's copper reserves account for 10% of global proven and basic proven reserves

(October 16) [ 66 ]

The overall performance of Lon Copper during the National Day has shown a downward trend

(October 9) [ 48 ]

7th US dollar index strengthened metal markets rose and fell each other, London aluminum rose nearly 1.5%

(October 8) [ 77 ]


Hefei Shenma Academician Work Station was founded and unveiled
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announces multiple photovoltaic industry group standards including smart photovoltaic power stations
Second meeting of high-voltage / low-voltage prefabricated substation
One step ahead of the Development Bureau of the Global Energy Internet Cooperation Organization visits Qingdao Han cable
"Smart PV pre-installed substation" industry standard approved
Intelligent Internet has become the theme of the two sessions, brave to play the role of Jinyou cable smart appliances
Qingdao Hanyang Cable Co., Ltd. won the first "Sheshan Quality Award"
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Video news

Hundred years ago subsea power installation
35 square millimeter aluminum core incoming cable burned out in Miaowutai District, Huangshan County, Anhui
Shanghai Jinyou Jinhong Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. Smart Substation
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Xidian Optical Cable Co., Ltd. won the 2015 "Xi'an Advanced Collective" honorary title!

Sort of some wire and cable companies in 2017 (operating income)
Hengtong Group
Jiangsu Baosheng Group
Wuxi Far East Cable Factory
Qingdao Han cable Group Cable Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Shangshang Cable Group
Wuxi Cable Co., Ltd.
Xi'an West Electric Optical Cable Co., Ltd.
Zhengzhou Cable Group Corporation
Liaoning Baolin Group Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Changhua Optical Fiber Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Huanlong Electromagnetic Wire Factory
Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Chenguang Cable Co., Ltd.
Chongqing Baige Cable Group
Xinhua Cable Group
Ningbo Oriental Group Co., Ltd.
Kunming Cable Co., Ltd.
Shandong Luneng Cable Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Huaxin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.
Guangxi Yinshan Cable Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Zhongce Cable Co., Ltd.
Fujian Nanping Sun Cable Co., Ltd.
Jiaozuo Railway Cable Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Chuandong Cable Co., Ltd.
Beijing Wire and Cable General Factory
Sichuan Dongfang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Aluminum Wire Factory
Hangzhou Dongguan Cable Co., Ltd.
Deyang Cable Factory
Lishi Cable Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Hongke Cable Co., Ltd.
Dingtian Technology Co., Ltd. ( Dongfang Electric)
Beijing Furunda Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Mica Insulation Material Factory
Tianjin Insulation Material Factory
Xi'an Insulation Material Factory
Harbin Qingyuan Electrical Materials Co., Ltd.
Changzhou Huaan Fine Chemical Plant
Shanghai Jinyou Jinhong Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.
Hengyang Cable Factory
Hangzhou Taida Industrial Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Wanma Cable
Hefei Shenma Technology Group Co., Ltd.
Dashiqiao Hi-Tech Insulation Refractory Factory
Hubei Yongding Hongqi Electric Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Aoenwei Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd.

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